Victory Chinese Exorcism | Prayers Against Chinese Witchcraft | With Bible Verses 

Victory Chinese Exorcism | Prayers Against Chinese Witchcraft | With Bible Verses 

Dear Heavenly Father,

I come before you in humble reverence, seeking your divine protection and deliverance from the power and influence of Chinese Exorcism. I acknowledge your sovereignty and your authority over all spiritual forces, and I trust in your unfailing love and guidance.

Lord Jesus, I am grateful for the power of your precious blood, which was shed on the cross for the redemption of my sins. I plead the blood of Jesus to cleanse and purify me from any negative effects or harm that may come from the practice of Chinese Exorcism. Your blood is a mighty weapon that breaks every chain and sets the captives free.

In the Bible, you have revealed your power and authority over evil spirits and demons. You have given us the example of your disciples casting out demons in your name, and you have promised that those who believe in you will have power over all the power of the enemy. I claim that promise, Lord, and I ask for your supernatural protection against any spiritual attacks or disturbances that may come from the practice of Chinese Exorcism.

Father God, I pray for discernment and wisdom to recognize the true source of spiritual deliverance. Help me to understand that true deliverance comes not from rituals performed by humans, but from a personal relationship with you. You are the ultimate deliverer, and in you, I find refuge and strength.

I lift up those who practice and promote Chinese Exorcism to you, Lord. Open their eyes to the truth of your word and the power of your name. Show them that true deliverance can only be found in you and through the work of your Holy Spirit. May they come to know the freedom and peace that can only be found in you.

I also pray for those who have been influenced by Chinese Exorcism, that they may experience true deliverance and healing in your name. Break every chain that binds them and set them free from the influence of evil spirits. Fill their hearts and minds with your love and peace, and guide them into a deeper relationship with you.

Lord, I surrender my life and my spiritual well-being into your hands. Protect me from any negative effects or spiritual dangers that may arise from the practice of Chinese Exorcism. Fill me with your Holy Spirit and empower me to walk in the authority and victory that you have given me.

I pray all these things in the powerful and mighty name of Jesus, who is the name above all names. 


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Submitted By: Hannah Zuyo

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