From David To Modern Israel: Facing Today's Goliaths With Unwavering Faith

From David To Modern Israel: Facing Today's Goliaths With Unwavering Faith

If you look at the countries that have boycotted Israel or are hostile to Israel, you will see nations mired in turmoil. High crime rates, shocking violence, and rampant moral decay mark their societies. Places like South Africa and Colombia stand as stark examples. These countries have failed their citizens and residents, allowing chaos to reign within their borders. Rather than addressing their own issues, they project their failures onto Israel, believing it to be an easy scapegoat.

But today, I call on the God of Israel, the God who calls Israel the apple of his eye, to rise and defend his people. We have faced slander from nations that defame and lie about Israel and the Jewish people. We have endured false prosecutions and relentless persecution. Yet, in the face of this adversity, we turn to our faith.

I am reminded of the story of David and Goliath. Just as David stood small and seemingly powerless against the giant, Israel stands today against nations that seem overwhelmingly powerful in their accusations and hostility. But David had something that Goliath did not: the unwavering support of God. And with that, he triumphed.

As I reflect on this, my heart fills with a plea for divine intervention. Let the God who empowered David to defeat Goliath rise now to protect and defend his people from the Goliaths of this world. Let him shield us from the unjust hatred and falsehoods that are cast our way. 

In these trying times, when it feels like the world has turned against us, I hold onto the promise that we are not alone. The God of Israel stands with us, as he always has. His justice, his truth, and his protection are our fortress. And so, I pray: God of Israel, arise. Defend your people as you have done throughout the ages. Let your light shine through the darkness of deceit and malice. Show the world that your chosen people will not be forsaken.

With faith as our armor, we face these challenges head-on. We stand resilient, knowing that our God is a God of justice and truth. And just as David overcame Goliath, so too shall we overcome the adversities and injustices before us.

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Submitted By: Elijah Ezra

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