The Troubling Intersection Of Crime And Security Contracts In US Cities

The Troubling Intersection Of Crime And Security Contracts In US Cities

In an alarming trend, several cities across the United States are awarding job contracts to entities with criminal backgrounds. These contracts, intended to maintain order and safety, are paradoxically fostering environments of abuse and fear. Many of these contracts are with private security companies that, instead of protecting residents, often exacerbate local crime and disorder.

The Problem with Security Contracts

Numerous security guard companies, beneficiaries of these city contracts, employ individuals who are far from the ideal protectors of public safety. Reports have surfaced detailing the behavior of these guards: violent, unkind, rude, unprofessional, short-tempered, foul-mouthed, cruel, and untrained. These qualities starkly contrast with the expected demeanor of individuals tasked with safeguarding communities.

Harassment and Criminal Activities

Instead of ensuring safety, these security personnel frequently harass residents. Disturbingly, there are numerous instances of these guards engaging in theft from the very people they are supposed to protect. The issue doesn't end at petty crime; some of these guards act as intermediaries for drug cartels, further entangling themselves in illegal activities. There have been reports of security guards selling drugs to addicts, a clear violation of their supposed role and an exacerbation of the drug problems within communities.

Residents’ Plight

Residents find themselves trapped in a nightmarish scenario where those meant to protect them are the ones posing a threat. Helpless and powerless, the community’s trust in law enforcement and security measures is eroding. The situation demands urgent intervention to halt the ongoing abuses and restore safety and trust within these communities.

A Call for Divine Intervention

Amidst this chaos, many residents are turning to their faith for solace and intervention. The prayer for divine intervention resonates strongly, invoking the image of Jesus Christ, who walked the earth healing the sick, feeding the hungry, and offering hope to the downtrodden. The appeal is for Jesus to once again step in to help the helpless and disenfranchised, providing a beacon of hope in these dark times.


The troubling partnership between cities and criminal elements disguised as security companies requires immediate and decisive action. For communities to thrive, they must feel secure, and this can only be achieved by dismantling these harmful contracts and replacing them with genuinely protective and professional security measures. As residents pray for divine intervention, the call for systemic reform and accountability in security contracting grows louder, urging cities to act in the best interests of their citizens.

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Submitted By: Daniel Malkiel

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