Exposing Reddit's Dark Side: My Shocking Journey of Faith and Hostility

Exposing Reddit's Dark Side: My Shocking Journey of Faith and Hostility

I've been a long-time user of Reddit, a platform that I once believed was a haven for diverse opinions and thoughtful discussions. However, over time, I've noticed a disturbing trend. It seems that Reddit has become increasingly hostile towards anything related to God, Jesus, and the Bible. It feels like the platform is filled with anti-Semitic, anti-God, and anti-Christian sentiments. 

One day, I posted a heartfelt story about how my faith helped me through a difficult time. I was hoping to connect with others who might have had similar experiences, to find solace in shared beliefs. Instead, I was met with a barrage of hateful comments, mocking my faith and ridiculing my beliefs. It was disheartening, to say the least.

I started to wonder, why is Reddit so anti-God? Why does it seem to promote immoral content over moral content? Is there an agenda at play? The thought gnawed at me, keeping me up at night. Is Reddit owned by occultists or devil worshippers? The idea seemed far-fetched, but the relentless hostility towards anything related to God made me question the platform's motives.

Every time I tried to engage in a meaningful conversation about faith, the thread would be flooded with negativity. It felt like there was an invisible force, pushing back against anything positive or spiritual. It wasn't just me—other users who shared their faith experiences faced similar hostility. It was as if the platform had a vendetta against those who believed in God.

The more I delved into the matter, the more questions arose. What agenda is Reddit running? Are they part of a larger occult movement? The thought sent shivers down my spine. I couldn't shake the feeling that something sinister was at play. I felt a growing need to uncover the truth, to understand why a platform that was supposed to be open and inclusive was so vehemently opposed to religious content.

In my search for answers, I turned to prayer. I prayed for Jesus to reveal what was happening on Reddit. I asked for guidance and understanding, for the strength to continue sharing my faith despite the backlash. I prayed for those who mocked and ridiculed, hoping that they would find the light and love of Jesus.

The situation made me reflect on the broader state of the world. If a platform as influential as Reddit was promoting anti-God sentiments, what did that mean for society at large? It felt like a spiritual battle was being waged, and those of us who believed in God were on the front lines.

Despite the negativity, I refused to be silenced. I continued to share my faith, to stand up for what I believed in. I knew that Jesus was with me, guiding me through the storm. I prayed for others to join me, for a wave of faith to wash over the platform, to drown out the darkness with the light of God's love.

The hostility on Reddit was a wake-up call, a reminder that we live in a world that often rejects what is good and holy. But it also strengthened my resolve. I knew that my faith was stronger than any negativity I faced. I knew that Jesus was my rock, my refuge in times of trouble.

So, I will keep praying, keep sharing, and keep believing. I will trust that Jesus will reveal the truth, that He will guide us through these dark times. I will stand firm in my faith, knowing that no amount of ridicule or hostility can shake my belief in God. And I will continue to pray for those lost in darkness, hoping that they too will find the light.

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Submitted By: Daniel MaLkiel

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