Victory Chinese Divination | Prayers Against Chinese Witchcraft | With Bible Verses 

Victory Chinese Divination | Prayers Against Chinese Witchcraft | With Bible Verses 

Dear Heavenly Father,

I humbly come before you, acknowledging your sovereignty and seeking your divine protection. As I pour out my heart, I ask for your shield of defense against the power and influence of Chinese Divination. You are the Almighty God, full of wisdom and understanding, and I trust in your unfailing love and guidance.

Lord Jesus, I am grateful for the power of your precious blood, which was shed on the cross for the redemption of my sins. I plead the blood of Jesus to cleanse and purify me from any negative effects or harm that may come from engaging in Chinese Divination practices. Your blood is a powerful shield that covers me, protecting me from the deceptive spirits and influences associated with divination.

In the Bible, you have provided us with wisdom and discernment regarding practices that lead us away from your truth. Your word warns against seeking guidance from mediums and fortune-tellers, for they are an abomination to you. I pray, Lord, that you would guard my mind and heart against the allure and influence of Chinese Divination.

Father God, I ask for your divine guidance and discernment in navigating the complexities of seeking guidance and insight into the future. Help me to rely on your divine providence and trust in your perfect plan for my life. Grant me the wisdom to discern between practices that align with your divine will and those that may lead me astray.

I lift up those who practice and promote Chinese Divination to you, Lord. Soften their hearts and open their eyes to the truth of your word. May they come to know the peace and assurance that can only be found in you. Lead them into a deeper understanding of your love and grace.

I also pray for those who have been influenced by Chinese Divination, that they may experience the true guidance and wisdom that can only be found in your presence. Surround them with your love and protection, leading them to seek you for direction in all matters of their lives.

Lord, I surrender my life and future into your capable hands. Protect me from any negative effects or spiritual dangers that may arise from engaging in Chinese Divination. Guide me along the path of true wisdom, discernment, and trust in you.

I pray all these things in the mighty and matchless name of Jesus, who is the way, the truth, and the life.


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Submitted By: Hannah Zuyo

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